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The Four Standard Courses

The International Trade programme

Four standard courses are available, collectively providing a thorough introduction to international trade. Other, more specialised, programmes go into specific detail on targeted topics. Many customers find that the full standard range of courses can meet their needs entirely.

Others prefer to 'mix and match', selecting topics from various courses to allow us to tailor something that meets their specific requirement. If that's for you, just send us your "wish-list" and we'll build you the perfect programme.

We love catering for both these situations!

So here's a summary of what you may wish to choose from.

  1. Basics of exporting - 1-day

    This is the course I wish had been available when I first went into exporting! It is designed to give an introductory overview of the export process, putting into focus the mechanics and procedures, and explaining basic terminology. It is ideal for beginners. But it also suits those who would like to see how their particular job fits into the whole export operation. Having attended this course, many delegates wish to increase their skills by attending the other basic courses, so gaining more detailed, related, information.
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  2. Export Documents Explained - 1-day

    The export documents are the key to good customer care. They are used to effect speedy, smooth and accurate clearance through Customs, at both ends of the operation, and are the very stuff of payment. With a varied history and usage - some going back to the Roman traders - they are also surprisingly fascinating!
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  3. Understanding Letters of Credit and Bills of Exchange - 1-day

    Letters of Credit have provided secure payment solutions for international traders for the last two hundred years. (Oddly enough, the current heightened awareness of the need to monitor the supply chain, for security reasons, has resulted in a recent increase in the use of this structured payment arrangement). And Bills of Exchange have provided an ingenious way of giving customers credit, while securing immediate payment for the seller, since the 13th century.
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  4. Introduction to Customs for exporters & importers - 1-day

    I know this doesn't look the sexiest of subjects. But after 800 years of control on our borders, the last 20 years have seen a revolution in the way goods moving internationally has been handled. Change continues to be in the air. My first aim when running this course is to make sure you know what you must do to meet the different legal requirements when moving goods to or from EC or non-EC countries. But delightfully, with this knowledge comes commercial opportunity - there are numerous ways in which money can be saved. (The only place where duty and tax should be paid is the last place where finished goods end up!)
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