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Developing People

Janet Phillips

We offer a wide range of programmes specialising in the essential inter-personal skills needed to communicate effectively and influentially with colleagues, teams and customers. They are aimed at managers, supervisors, support staff - indeed, anyone in your organisation who would like to develop their strengths, gain new insights and ideas, sharpen their skills and have fun while they do so.

We know that people are remarkably competent and capable, with the potential to excel in every necessary skill to do their jobs well. We never fail to find these strengths as we work together. Our aim is to send people away from every one of our courses with renewed confidence and self-esteem, recharged batteries and the energy and enthusiasm to put good ideas into practice. This is why every programme ends with a feedback session, reflecting everyone's unique strengths and positive qualities. It can make a real difference!

Standard courses are available in all the key topic areas, but clients often prefer the options of "pick and mix" for specially-tailored programmes.

Management training

For managers, two standard courses are available (Managing People and teams and Excellent Communication Skills for Managers), which cover the core skills needed to understand the role, to plan, communicate, motivate, monitor and manage performance and to build strong and highly-performing teams.

Additional courses cover specific management skills such as Mentoring and coaching, Chairing meetings or Conducting effective appraisals.

Tailored programmes

Many clients choose to start with a blank sheet and ask us to design a programme specifically to fit their situation and the requirements of their managers, and we are only too happy to do this.

Supervisory skills

Our standard programme for supervisors gives a useful overview of the job, to enable new supervisors or team leaders to adjust to their new responsibilities, and existing supervisors to add to their portfolio of skills.

Yet again, we are very flexible about content, and thoroughly enjoy creating programmes tailored to our clients' special requirements. Click here for more details.

Communication skills

The ability to communicate confidently, clearly and purposefully is the key to business success. It is simple in theory, but can be fiendishly difficult in practice. All our programmes are designed to help people find the best way of putting across a genuine and persuasive message.

  • Assertiveness
    There are many misconceptions about the meaning of assertiveness, and our standard course de-mystifies the concept, explains why we behave aggressively or passively and gives really practical ideas to enable delegates to choose behaviours which will result in winning outcomes.
  • Influencing and negotiating
    Many jobs (and life itself!) depend on our ability to influence and negotiate successfully with others. Our course harnesses people's in-built skills and gives practical structures, tips and techniques to make a real impact on others.
  • Presentation skills
    Many people have a natural tendency to fear and avoid public speaking. This programme boosts confidence by helping people plan, structure, practise and feel good about their presentations.
  • Business writing
    Delegates enjoy this practical programme which gives plenty of ideas and techniques for organising thoughts and putting them into appropriate and concise written form. Where relevant, help is given to avoid the most common mistakes in grammar, spelling and punctuation.

Delivering excellent customer care

We know it is not enough to have the best product or service in the business. Success or failure lies in every human interaction experienced by customers from their first contact with your company through to delivery and payment. This course is designed specially for people in customer-facing jobs. It aims to inspire them with the enthusiasm and the skills to make every customer contact special - to build relationships, inspire confidence, overcome obstacles and "make the difference that makes the difference". Click here for more details.

Telephone programmes

  • Professional telephone techniques
    Our standard programme helps new staff understand the keys to good business use of the telephone, and is also a useful refresher and motivator for anyone who uses the telephone in the course of their job.
  • Telephone debt collection
    We are sometimes surprised to see how much effort companies put into selling their products or services, which they then waste by inefficient collection of amounts due. Excellent credit control is such a powerful contributor to profitability that we believe this programme can pay for itself in a very short time.
    We cover key elements of preparation, information-gathering and relationship- building, assertive call control and a useful structure for overcoming objections, and give practice in the skills of persuasive collection.
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